Exhibition in Progress | MOSO Power: Exploring the Middle East Market at the Middle East Lighting Exhibition

Exhibition in Progress | MOSO Power: Exploring the Middle East Market at the Middle East Lighting Exhibition

On January 16, 2024, the three-day Middle East Light + Intelligent Building Exhibition (Light + Intelligent Building Middle East 2024) grandly opened at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates.

MOSO Power Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “MOSO Power”), a global leader in LED driver power solutions, showcased its full range of LED driver power products and solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary,  Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd  (“MOSO Electronics”) at the exhibition.

The Dubai International Exhibition is an important event in the LED lighting industry and has a strong international influence. It is one of the key exhibitions where major LED lighting manufacturers from around the world strive to showcase their products. MOSO Power’s participation in this exhibition undoubtedly serves as a powerful proof of the company’s leading technological strength and market influence.

MOSO Power exhibited a series of high quality and high performance LED driver power products covering a wide range of applications, including road lighting, landscape lighting, horticultural lighting, stadium lighting, and industrial lighting, attracting the attention and appreciation of many customers.

In the field of road lighting, X6, X6E, X6E-DALI, X7I, U7 and other series products were introduced. These products were highly praised by customers for their high efficiency and stability.

In terms of stadium lighting, S6 series products were the focus of attention due to their outstanding performance and long warranty. The product power ranges from 600W to 1800W, covering 1-3 outputs, and can meet the various product requirements of different customers. Its main intelligent features include DALI-2 and DMX512 programming dimming functions.

Among them, the DALI-2 and DMX512 functions of the 880W-1800W series products can achieve soft switching, greatly saving operation time and adapting to more complex scene requirements. In addition, the S6 series has an ultra-low ripple design (<2%), which supports high-definition broadcasting and makes broadcasting smoother.

In landscape lighting, the LSV and V6E products attracted a large number of visitors with their elegant design and outstanding performance.

In the field of horticultural lighting, P1, P1H, X6, X6H, P6H and other series products received great attention. These products can provide appropriate lighting environments to promote plant growth, making them particularly suitable for modern urban agriculture and horticulture applications.

In the field of industrial lighting, products in the G6T(II), A5, N6, N7 and other series also received great attention. These products feature high reliability, excellent waterproof and dustproof capabilities, and are suitable for various harsh industrial environments.

During the exhibition, MOSO Power’s booth received many customers from Gulf countries, including Iran, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and even buyers from Europe. Many customers showed great interest in MOSO Power’s street lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, and other series products, and conducted in-depth discussions on the company’s R&D capabilities, delivery capabilities, and future cooperation terms. They also had strict requirements for product certification. In response, MOSO Power will further optimize its product structure, enhance its technological innovation capabilities, and meet the diversified demands of the global market.

The exhibition will last until January 18. We believe that this trip to the Middle East will inject new vitality into MOSO Power’s international strategic layout, and we look forward to achieving even more remarkable results in the international market in the future.

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