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X6H 800W Series

X6H 800W Series

The X6H-800W series is 800W outdoor offline programmable LED driver that operates in constant current with high PF value and universal input voltage range 230~480Vac. Offline monitored by dimming cable connected with a USB kit programming device, the fully programmed drivers offer all dimming, dim-to-off, constant lumen output options and a wide range of output current in a single driver, which deliver maximum flexibility with customized operating settings and intelligent control options for lighting manufacturers, as one driver can be programmed for many different luminaire designs. The X6H-800W series provides built-in timer dimming schedules, further increasing the energy savings and CO2 reductions achieved with LED lighting. It also helps clients to improve the management of logistics and stock.The compact metal case and high efficiency enable the driver to operate with high reliability and extend product lifetime. Overall protection is provided against lightning surge, output over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature to ensure low failure rate.


Power Level:800W

Current Range:0.45~4.45A

Surge:DM6KV, CM10KV

IP Rating:IP67